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Thank you so much for your support!

BTSharePoint Consulting finished Houston's 23rd annual Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure 2013 event (it was a blast... and we have pics!). We are close to achieving our goal for donations, but we still need your help! October is breast cancer awareness month, so you can still donate to our team; We're only... $29.00 away from our goal!

This race helps raise funds for the fight against breast cancer, celebrates breast cancer survivors, and honors those who have lost their lives to the disease. Furthermore, these funds will help with research, treatment, screening, education, and support programs. Susan G. Komen is a great organization and fighting breast cancer is a great cause. However, for our family it is also a personal fight.


Will you sponsor us?                  ThemometerGoal500_0pct.png

If you were not able to walk with us, we ask that you donate any dollar amount you can to help support this great cause. Our team goal for donations is $500, but we believe that our friends, family and colleagues are going to give a great deal more. You can donate to our team goal, donate to an individual, or directly to the Race Fund. Click Here to Donate to Our Team



Will you like us?                                

Help us spread the word about this important cause by liking us on Facebook , following us on Twitter , connecting with us on LinkedIn  and  sharing our page with your friends.   


​Will you pray for us?              PrayingHands1.jpg

Your prayers, support, and well wishes for the Susan G. Komen organization, the team, each individual participant, and for the cure to this disease would be greatly appreciated. We're also praying for the protection and healing of every loved one affected by cancer, both directly and indirectly.